Picking the Right Translation Service


If your business operates at the international level, you know the importance of effective communication and coordination. The number one barrier to international success is language. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a translation service, this article will break down the three major points to consider. The first factor to consider is the service’s quality control process (also commonly referred to as QC). In order to ensure your translations are both accurate and timely in their delivery, working with a company which uses a robust quality control process yields a higher accuracy in content and greater satisfaction. To satisfy rigorous client requirements, inlingua Utah has developed a three step quality control process to ensure your documents are translated accurately every time. Your material passes through three expert translators to confirm and then re-confirm the first translator’s work. This level of accuracy is necessary for documents and materials in the areas of medicine, law and business.

The second factor you should consider in selecting a translation service is the amount of time it takes for a large document to be translated. Although it would seem speed would be the most beneficial characteristic this can be quite the opposite. In order to determine how much effort goes into your translation, it would not make sense for a major document, perhaps with 100 plus pages, to take one to two days. In order for the document to be translated accurately it is key for review time, and while an initial translation of a 100+ page document could be as fast as two days, the overall review time should be focused upon. More than likely, if you opt to work with an expedited translation service you will find a number of errors and mistakes, namely the loss of valuable meaning. What makes a translation service professional is when the document retains purpose, not just words.

Something you may not have thought of when selecting a translation service is the company’s experience in translating as well as their place in business. The inlingua Utah team has years of experience translating documents for a variety of purposes, delivering accurate materials each and every time. Furthermore, the company’s professional services may also indicate the focus of the company, and complimentary abilities. inlingua Utah provides language education, translation services and marketing services. These three business capabilities result in an incredibly powerful translation partner for your business needs.

These are just some of the things you should consider when picking a translation service. The best translation services offer potential clients access to testimonials and portfolios to give you confirmation of their abilities. Language is very complex, even more so when you are considering translating between two languages. When you select a translation service you are putting your faith the particular company to create accurate material for immediate application in your business. If you are interested in using inlingua Utah’s translation services or would like to learn more about what inlingua Utah has to offer, visit our website at http://www.inlinguautah.com/.

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