The Top 5 Places To See While Visiting Mexico

Mexico has become one of the prime locations for a vacation in the entire Central and Southern America. Before traveling though, how would you like the idea of Spanish classes at Inlingua Utah? Take advantages of Spanish classes offered by this client so you can freely interact with the locals and overcome the common language barrier problems experienced by foreigners visiting this glorious country. The following are some of the top places to see when visiting Mexico.

1 Cancun and the Mayan Riveria

Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the island of Cozumel: these three places are known as the Mayan Riveria. There are several beaches where you can relax, sip on a couple of drinks on a sunny day and sunbathe. You will love the tan your skin gets. The water is clear and you will find sea shells on the sand. Star fishes and other small fishes can be seen if you are a swimmer.

If you are adventurous and enjoy water sports, Akumal, a beach situated between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, offers snorkeling and kayaking.

2 Mexico City’s Historic Center

Ciudad de Mexico is the center of art and museum. Zocalo is the main plaza and all cultural events are hosted here. Just off Zocalo is the The Palacio Nacional, which has the offices of ‘President of Mexico, The Federal Treasury and the entire history of Mexico since its advent.

The Cathedral Metropolitana is renowned for its Aztec relics and art. The Templo Mayor is an archaeological site and museum located in the north east of Zocalo. The Nacional Monte de Piedad is a national pawn shop, one of the largest second hand shops in the world.

3 Chichen Itza or the Mayan Metropolis

This small metropolis is located in the eastern portion of the Yucatan state in Mexico and is best known for its archaeological structure. On the North Platform lies the Temple Kukulkan. This step pyramid is 98 feet high and consists of a series of nine square terraces, each about 8.4 feet high with a 20 feet high temple on the summit. It is also known as the’ El Castillo’ (the castle).

There is a Great Ball Court about 490 feet to the north-west of the Castillo. This is indeed the most impressive of all the courts and is the largest and best preserved court in ancient Mesoamerica.

4 Guanajuato

Guanajuato is home to art, architecture and literature. It has many places of interest among them. The San Diego Church was built beautifully with ancient architecture. El Pipila is a 28 meter tall statue of an independence hero atop the San Miguel hill. Jardin de la Union has several restaurants around the garden.

5 Huatulco

Huatulco has nine bays and thirty six beaches. It has many holiday homes, resorts and sports. You can go for hiking in the jungle or river rafting. After you have seen all the museums and architecture and you want to relax and have a romantic time, this place will serve you well. Different kinds of food are available here.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful city of Mexico learn the Spanish language and make a few friends there, you can have a head start by learning from a Spanish teacher in Salt Lake City at Inlingua Utah.

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