The Top 5 Reasons for Learning French

  1. Travel to French speaking countries without any problems

When you take lessons from a Salt Lake City French teacher you’ll be able to travel to different French speaking countries such as Canada, France, and Luxemburg and be able to converse with their French speaking populations. French is still widely spoken in many parts of the world and in many African countries, and it is also a very popular second language in many European countries. You can have a much more enriching experience while traveling when you learn French before you travel, and you may end up significantly improving your language speaking skills if you have some kind of foundation before you travel.

  1. Learn one of the world’s most widely spoken languages

Although it’s not one of the top 10 most widely spoken languages, French is still among the top 15, and more important than the number of speakers is the influence that the language has. With so much culture and science being developed in France over the past few centuries, the French language is still a major cultural force. You’ll be able to converse with just about anyone who speaks French if you take a few introductory courses at Inlingua Utah, and if you run into any number of situations where you might speak with a native French speaker, whether you’re at a restaurant, in Quebec, or traveling, you’ll be able to speak with them with no problem.

  1. Watch French movies without relying on subtitles

French directors have produced some of the most popular and critically acclaimed movies in the world. You’ll get to enjoy all of them without having to rely on subtitles once you become fluent with French. You can also use them to start to learn the language at a faster pace, which can be a fun way to pick it up. You can also use subtitles to start learning French and then remove them to see how your language understanding has progressed.

  1. Keep your brain healthy as you age

Several studies have found that being bilingual or multilingual can reduce your chance of cognitive decline and keep your brain healthy as you age. Although the research as to specifically why this occurs is still under way, it is thought to do with the fact that you utilize large parts of your brain or cognitive abilities that require multi-tasking. Research has shown that learning multiple languages can slow down the development of dementia by several years, as well as other brain disorders.

  1. It is interesting and exciting

Learning French is certainly interesting, as it is one of the most beautiful sounding languages in the world as many will say. This can drive you to learn the language more quickly, and taking a group or online class from a Salt Lake City French teacher is the perfect way to start. French is a useful language in several countries where you may want to work in the future, at the UN, and for many other purposes as mentioned above. So call Inlingua Utah today at 1-888-558-3775 for more information about our French classes.


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