What exactly is a certified translation?

A certified translation in Utah is used for any translation that requires a high degree of accuracy. A certified translation has three parts, the source text, the target language text, and a statement from the translation company that is notarized and says that the target text is an accurate translation of the source language. These types of translations have several different types of usage and they are commonly requested for legal purposes, for visa applications, citizenship documents, and other types of government or educational applications. Certified translations can be performed by professional agencies with the experience needed to perform high quality accurate translations.

Certified translations need to be very accurate

Certified translations are often used for purposes that require a high degree of accuracy like legal translations, and as a result they need to be accurate. Although many translators and translation services will claim to offer certified translations, they may not have the experts on their staff to be able to really offer accurate translations that you will be able to use right away. It’s essential that you work with a service that can perform high quality certified translations that you’ll be able to work with and that you won’t have to get revisions on or other changes made.

Be sure that you ask questions before hiring any company

When you hire a certified translation service in Utah or elsewhere you should be sure to ask as many questions as you can prior to starting your project. There are several things that need to be addressed before your project starts. You should first ask about their experience with certified translations; the more experience that a service has, the better the outcome of your project. You’ll need to ask questions about their ability to work with your source and target languages and whether or not they can provide you with the translation in the timeframe that you need it in. You should try to get examples of their past certified translations to ensure that they have the experience that you need.

Inlingua Utah is a leading certified translation service in Utah

Inlingua Utah has several experienced staff members who can help you with your specific certified translation needs, and our translators have worked on a wide range of different types of translation projects. We can help you no matter how quickly you need to have your translations completed, and our translators are experts in their specific languages. You will be able to ask any questions that you want prior to starting your project, and it is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and accuracy possible so that you can use your translation as soon as it is ready. We are highly experienced at translating dozens of different languages and you can rest assured that you will get the quality certified translation that you need right on time, for whatever important purpose that you need it for. To learn more about the leading certified translation services available at Inlingua Utah, call us today at 801-355-3775.


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