When Do You Need a Certified Translation?


Getting a certified translation may be necessary in a wide range of different circumstances including medical, legal, university admissions, immigration and more. In most cases you will be told that you need a certified translation, but in some cases it may not be clear. It is always a good idea to confirm whether or not you need a certified translation whenever you are requested to provide a translation. You don’t want to spend the money on a regular translation only to find out later that you needed a certified version. It can be time consuming to have to go back and replace a regular translation with a certified translation, and you will also have to spend more money.

Certified translations are used for legal reasons

In the legal world, certified translations are regularly used in the courtroom. They may be necessary in order to translate evidence from one language to another. Obviously there can be potentially serious consequences for someone if the translation is not performed accurately, such as with a criminal trial or a lawsuit. So it is absolutely essential to obtain certified translations in this scenario. In the majority of cases, you will be notified that you specifically need a certified translation for your documents. In other cases it may not be clear, but you should always confirm it prior to ordering a translation from any provider.

Medical translations must be certified in most cases

Just as there are potentially serious consequences in the legal world for inaccurate translations, there are even greater potential consequences in the medical world. Clearly any translation that is inaccurate can result in an improper diagnosis or inaccurate treatment. As a result, most medical translations are required to be certified. If you need a certified medical translation, you cannot afford to choose just any provider either. You will want to perform extensive research to ensure that the provider has experience with medical translations specifically. Service providers who claim to offer it but don’t have the experience or credentials are putting their clients at risk as well as their own business. It simply isn’t worth the money that you might save.

Inlingua Utah offers accurate legal, medical and other certified translations

There are several other circumstances when professional certified translations are needed such as for documents supporting job applications, university admissions, or immigration applications. It is crucial for anyone who is seeking a certified translation to choose a quality provider who knows what they are doing. This ensure that the translation will be performed right the first time around and that it can be used for whatever important purpose it was intended for. Inlingua Utah offers competitive prices on our certified translation and we have extensive experience with all forms of certified translations including medical, legal, and for other purposes. To learn more about our certified translation services or get more information about whether or not you will need one, contact Inlingua Utah today at 1-801-355-3775. You will get a prompt reply within 1 business day.

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