The Wonders of Columbia: What You Can Find and How You Can Prepare

Columbia is a sovereign state which is largely situated in the northwest of South America, having territories in Central America. It is tucked in between a few countries, sharing its border to the northwest with Panama, to the east with Venezuela and Brazil, and to the south with Ecuador and Peru. The country is one of the most stunning places in the world, carrying a lot of heritage and boasting a lot of interesting places to visit. It helps if you know both the language (at least a little bit) and where you want to go. What are the top 5 places to see when visiting Colombia?

  1. Cartagena

For tourists who are eager and excited to visit the different beautiful places in Colombia, this is the ideal city to start their journey. Cartagena is a lively and energetic city. When the city was part of the Caribbean ports in the early 16th to 18th centuries, it used to be a very busy.

This has not changed. It was once one of the most protected cities in South America when it engaged in war with various countries. When you visit Cartagena today, you can still see the fortifications. There are many museums, palaces and churches to visit, built with colonial architecture, located in the colorful old town. “Bocagrande’’, a strip of hotels and condos in the beachside, is highly rated by tourists.

  1. Tayrona National Park

This is a big attraction for tourists who enjoy nature. It is located in the north Colombia coast and the location brings a lot of attractions for visitors. The park offers numerous ecosystems and the beaches are shaded with coconut trees. It is home to the Andean Condor, a South American bird that belongs to the vulture family.


Known as “The Athens of South America’’, Bogota is Colombia’s capital and one of the largest cities in South America. It has a lot of attractions for tourists such as a large planetarium, a gold museum, and beautiful botanical gardens.

  1. Villa De Levya

Although a small town, Villa De Levya offers the biggest shopping and dining experiences in Columbia and also the whole of South America. The town square is known as Plaza Mayor where people were executed at the time of the independence war.

  1. San Gil

Found by the Spanish in 1689, the city was identified as the tourism capital of northeast Colombia in 2004. It is a city for tourists who are looking forward to some outdoor activities like mountain biking, rafting and kayaking.

It has many other attractions like visiting the cathedral, “the Parque La Libertad’’, where you can enjoy a social life as well as the Parque El Gallineral, and Plaza De Marcado that offer various Colombian foods that tourists can enjoy.

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